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About Dr. DiGrazia

Dr. Paul DiGrazia was an accomplished and well-respected medical doctor and winemaker. DiGrazia Vineyards is family-owned and operated since 1978, when 45-acres of grapes were planted.The winery opened in 1984, with an initial release of four brands of wine. Over 15 wines are offered, ranging from dry to sweet, using estate-grown grapes, local fruit and honey.

DiGrazia Vineyards makes a full range of estate bottled table wines from dry to sweet, a no-sulfite wine, late harvest, dessert wines, pumpkin wines, white port and ruby port, as well as Connecticut grown blueberry and Connecticut grown pear dessert wines. Dr. DiGrazia was known for his unusual and innovative wine making flair.

Dr. DiGrazia was a board-certified doctor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, practicing Gynecology in solo practice in Brookfield, Connecticut.

With many years of experience practicing in the field of women's health in the Danbury, Connecticut area, Dr. DiGrazia was committed to treating the whole patient. He believed in working to maintain a careful balance between running a successful practice and taking sufficient time to interact with patients on a human level. Combining a traditional approach to patient interaction with the latest research and techniques, Dr. DiGrazia provided a full range of Gynecological care.

Education: M.D./PhD: University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Residency: St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut


Fairfield County Medical Society

American Medical Association

American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP)

Board Certified OB/GYN

Hospital Affiliation: Danbury Hospital, Danbury, Connecticut

A Word on Wine and Health, by Dr. DiGrazia

“I believe that there are health benefits to moderate wine consumption and hope that in future years this benefit will be better recognized and incorporated into a healthy diet. In my winery business I have worked to make wine more healthful. We were one of the first wineries in the country to make a sulfite-free wine. We have also developed techniques to increase the anti-oxidant level of the final product.

As a GYN doctor and professional winemaker it has become increasingly clear that it is possible to compare the massive amount of literature and research in the two seemingly different professions. The comparison of health issues actually shows very little difference between the health benefits of wines with the health benefits offered to females by their use of hormones when indicated.”

Dr. Paul DiGrazia

To Patients of Dr. Paul V. DiGrazia:

It is with sadness that we report that Dr. Paul V. DiGrazia passed away in July 2019 and his gynecological practice is now closed. Dr. DiGrazia loved the practice of medicine and was active in his practice until the onset of his final illness in June. He was one of the longest-practicing physicians in the Danbury area. Thank you very much for having been part of his practice.

If you would like to claim your medical records, please contact 203-740-0515 and arrange for a time to pick them up.

In accordance with CT statutes, the records will be retained for a period of at least seven years from the last patient visit. For the next several months, they will be be stored locally and you may arrange to pick them up in person. They will be held in a secured room at DiGrazia Winery, 131 Tower Road, Brookfield, CT. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to arrange a time.

Alternatively, they can be mailed to you or your chosen physician. After Jan. 1, 2020, the files with be transferred to a long-term storage facility and there will be a shipping fee associated with retrieving them. When those details are finalized, they will be posted here. Please consult this page for more information on the retrieval process.

Thank you,

The DiGrazia Family

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